#DragonXi | Applications

#Silicon Sensing | Silicon MEMS Gyroscope sensors and modules | Inertial measurement sensors and systems | Bias instability | Angle random walk | Hazardous terrains | Most extreme conditions

#GelSight | Artificial intelligence (AI) powered 3D sensor

#Viasat | Secure defense communication system

#SICK | Sensors

#Moduler Makina | Remote controlled battery electric platform

#SailDrone | Ocean Data Solutions with Autonomous Surface Vehicles

#DTN | Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#Terma | Missionized Gun Pods for fighters

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

#Flow Robotics | Pipetting robot

#Cognex | Machine vision systems | Sensors | Barcode readers

#OpenAI | Whisper | Open source deep learning model for speech recognition | Transcribing audio in several languages | Automatic speech recognition (ASR) without the privacy concerns | Content creating | Adding AI to everyday workflows

#Universal Robots | Collaborative robots

#Precise Automation | Industrial collaborative robots, motion control

#Percepto | Autonomous drones and robots

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System

#Titra | Alpin unmanned helicopter

#Harmonic Drive | Precision servo actuators | Gearheads | Gear component sets

#Ouster | High Resolution Digital Lidar Sensor

#Blue Robotics | Automated Guided Vehicle

#GAM | Robotic and servo gear

#JAKA Robotics | Graphic Programming

#Yanmar | Autonomous spraying robot

#Argo | Improving float lifetimes

#Boston Dynamics | Spot robot | Gamma ray sensors | Thermal Inspection | Gauge Reading | Acoustic Imaging | Mission and action parameters editing later, without needing to re-record mission | Pre-configured light patterns and tones alerting workers robot is performing actions in the area | Emergency Stop | Slippery Floor Enhancements | Moving Object Detection

#Microchip Technology | Tactile Twist on Modern Touch Displays

#Gaptek | Modular hangar construction

#Baykar |Bayraktar TB2 UAV | Baykar Mobile Ground Control Station | NATO ACE III shelter standards | Mobile GCS

#Sea Machines | Artificial Intelligence Recognition and Identification System

#Waypoint Robotics | Autonomous mobile robot

#Carbon Robotics | Autonomous LaserWeeder Robot

#Naio Technologies | Agricultural robotics solutions

#Boston Dynamics | Firefighting robot

#Industrial Omron | Sensing and control technology

#ECA GROUP | Robotics | Automated Systems

#VARTA | Application Specific Batteries

#Carling Technologies | electronic switching

#Catepillar | Cat Command for Excavating

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board | Four Loihi 2 chips on its top side | Four on its underside | Up to a million neurons | Up to a billion synapses | Up to 8 million variables | Up to 1000× better energy efficiency than a state of the art CPU solver | Stackable up to eight boards | Expansion port on the board | Four boards getting up to 32 million neurons | Drones | Robotics | Gesture recognition | Scene understanding | Smell identification | Solving optimization problems | Research

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing | Biological neural computation | New algorithmic approaches | Emulating human brain interactions | Spiking neural networks (SNNs) | Simulating natural learning | Dynamically remapping neural networks | Making decisions in response to learned patterns over time | Powering autonomous AI solutions | Supporting energy efficiency and continuous learning | Sensing | Robotics | Healthcare | Large scale AI applications

#NTservice | Automatic drone detection and avoidance systems | EDM4S SkyWiper | Portable electronic warfare anti drone device

#Drone detection system | Drone detection

#Aviant | End-to-end drone services for transport of cargo

#FarmFleet | Drone-based solution for the application of pesticides and fertilizers

#Aero Asset | Helicopters

#Airbus Helicopters | Helicopters

#Leonardo Helicopters | Helicopters

#Bell Flight | Helicopters

#SEA.AI App | Detecting floating objects early | Using thermal and optical cameras to catch unsignalled craft, floating obstacles, containers, buoys, inflatables, kayaks and persons over board

#Anybotics | Workforce App | Operate ANYmal robot from device | Set up and review robot missions | Industrial Inspection

#IDS | Industrial image processing | 3D cameras | Digital twins can distinguish color | Higher reproducible Z-accuracy | Stereo cameras: 240 mm, 455 mm | RGB sensor | Distinguishing colored objects | Improved pattern contrast on objects at long distances | Z accuracy: 0.1 mm at 1 m object distance | SDK | AI based image processing web service | AI based image analysis